Mind   Purpose   Truth

     There are many spiritual paths―as many paths as there are people.  Or maybe, rather, there are many paths within the One path, all leading to the same place … a place of love and unity.

     Explored further, you could say that these many spiritual paths within the One path intersect and intertwine and are infinitely connected, thereby making them One path.

     However you want to look at it, love and unity―and all of their many attributes―are really universal, are they not?  No religion or philosophy can claim love and unity as exclusively their own.  Truth is truth regardless of who says it, or when it is said.  Truth and love are timeless and eternal.

     Hopefully the material within this website speaks to the timeless and eternal within you, and will draw you closer to God and those around you as you travel on your journey.

     My journey has brought me to the creation of this website and the books you find herein.  The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings is a basic overview of my beliefs in regards to spiritual matters, along with details of my spiritual journey.  Mind Purpose Truth is a collection of excerpts from The Truth as I See It, as well as other original material written and shared in the blog section of this website.  More Than Anything Else: Deciding What You Want the Most in Life is a book about the mind and the power that each person can have over it to choose happiness, peace, and joy on a constant basis.  Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom is a collection of philosophical writings that explore the ideas of freedom, especially concerning the mind and how we have come to view and understand the world we live in.  And Shine Like the Sun: A Collection of Children’s Stories is exactly that, a collection of six children’s stories that I wrote many years ago.

     Also, within the blog portion of the website are various quotes and stories from other people, quotes and stories that have helped to teach and inspire me along the way.  Hopefully they will inspire you as well.

     As you explore the contents of this website, please remember that I what I present to you is The Truth as I See It.  If what you read makes sense to you, then I am happy to have provided something to help you along your journey.  If you don’t find everything that I say agreeable, then I encourage you to at least use what does make sense to you.  There is nothing wrong with keeping what makes sense to you and leaving the rest behind.  You don’t need outside approval to validate the feelings of your own soul or the revelations of God as you travel along your spiritual journey.

     Journey well, my friends.

―Adam Soto