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The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings

 What is God?  Who is God?  Does God exist?  What is God’s will?  Does God love everyone?  Does God hate anyone?  Is there a hell?  Would God really torment someone in hell for eternity?  What must one do to be unified with God?

     Do you ever ask yourself these questions (or questions like these)?  How often?  How do you arrive at an answer?  Do you think about these questions for yourself, applying reason and logic (including spiritual reason and logic), or do you simply accept what others have said (others being your pastor or parents, church, religion, or society)?  What about your own experiences and relationship with God, and the feelings of your own soul—how much do these factor in when trying to answer these questions?

     For those of us who believe in God, shouldn’t these be the most important questions we can ask ourselves?  Shouldn’t answering these questions be directly associated with our very reason for existence?  If so, how does someone even begin to approach a subject as grand as God?

     These are good questions; you might as well know that I don’t have all the answers…  But I believe that it’s in the very exploration of these questions that the answers begin to be revealed to us.

     And when exploring these ideas, I believe two things are of fundamental importance: we must maintain an open mind, and we must trust in God to lead us to the truth.  That means questioning both old and new beliefs and experiences, comparing them with all available information, and trying to ascertain their truth and credibility in relation to God and the feelings of our own soul.

The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings (PDF)

Mind Purpose Truth

     There are many religions and beliefs in the world; however, not all views are equal (as can be seen in this book).  Just as Jesus was willing to question the beliefs of his day, we too must be willing to speak up when something doesn’t feel right to us—to challenge the status quo.  It also means never being afraid to let others challenge our beliefs when the opportunity presents itself.

     As I hope this book demonstrates, it’s essential to our spiritual health and progress to question our experiences and beliefs in light of any new information that may come our way.  Otherwise, how can we grow?

     Living the spiritual life is more than just following what a book says, it’s following what the spirit says.  That’s the part of us that’s most capable of connecting with God.  The spirit within is our true essence.  As spiritual people, when something we learn or are told about God doesn’t feel right to us, we must have faith that God will lead us to the truth.  We must believe that it’s possible and let God lead the way.

     The religious and spiritual people of the world today need a revolution.  We need to evolve beyond the schizophrenic images of God we’ve held for thousands of years and embrace a new understanding, one that combines the best of what the past and present have to offer, while letting go of any distorted, man-made dogmas that seem only to keep us apart from each other and from God.

     It’s time to ask ourselves the tough questions, let go of empty traditions, discard hateful teachings, and understand that we’re all chosen—that we’re all loved—and we should love all.

Mind Purpose Truth (PDF)

More Than Anything Else: Deciding What You Want the Most in Life

     When we are young, we are taught many things.  Some of the things that we are taught are good and helpful like reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We are given lessons in classical literature and history.  We are taught the basics of science and economics.  But one thing that hardly anyone teaches us about is ourselves.  Most of us grow up without the slightest understanding of our own mind and thought processes―and the power that we have over them.

     Why is that?  If there is one thing in this world that should be essential for each of us to know, shouldn’t it be our own mind and how it functions?

     One of the problems in life is that from a very young age we are taught by the examples of others that it is okay to indulge in anger, self-pity, anxiety, and negative thinking―that it is, in fact, normal to do so!  That it’s a part of what it means to be human!  But nothing could be further from the truth!  That’s not the way that a human life needs to be at all!  By practicing a philosophy of happiness, a person can escape from these kinds of self-defeating ways of thinking and mature into a happy, positive, and fulfilled person.

     So what do you want the most in life?  What are your goals?  Why wait any longer to live a life of constant happiness?  Be happy now!

     Be happy always!

More Than Anything Else: Deciding What You Want the Most in Life (PDF)

Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom

     We want to believe that the world is essentially good, that evil forces don’t exist, and if they do, that they’re not that evil. 

     In reality, there are ruthless, evil people in the world—many of them.  They will kill you, control you, manipulate you, and use you—without a second thought.  This, then, needs to become one of the foundational truths with which your life is based upon.  Without it, you will forever misunderstand the world you live in.

     You must also understand this: not only are there ruthless people in the world, some of them are extremely intelligent.  These are the ones who really run the world.  Bankers, corporate owners, politicians—they’re all playing a game that you’re not privy to.

      What it comes down to is that the majority of mankind never asks themselves the tough questions in life.  They accept what they’re told, never thinking about much of anything for themselves.  They fail to develop the most powerful tool at their disposal—their mind.

     This is the first thing that separates Them and Us—they have awakened their minds.  They study themselves and the world around them.  They exercise their minds and try to understand how nature and the world around them works.  But most importantly, they understand how we as human beings work—what makes us tick

     So the question is, how much of your mind do you want to give Them?  That’s important to understand … They’re not taking it, we’re giving it!

     Every day we have a choice—will we be free, or will we be what They want us to be?

Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom (PDF)

Shine Like the Sun: A Collection of Children’s Stories

Petey, the Lonesome Parrot

Snowy and the Dalmatian

A Dog Named Ralphy

The Kite and the String

The Best Christmas Ever

The Fox and the Owl

Shine Like the Sun: A Collection of Children’s Stories (PDF)