The Books

The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings (PDF)

The Truth as I See It is a collection of spiritual writings.  It adheres to no particular religion or creed, organized or otherwise.

The intention of the book is to share my thoughts and experiences about God and spiritual matters with others in the hopes that they may find something of value and meaning for their own lives.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive study of God and spiritual matters; nor do I claim to have all of the answers where these matters are concerned.

It is not my intention to offend or defend the beliefs or practices of any particular religion or individual.  Nonetheless, this is The Truth as I See It in regards to God, mind, purpose, and spirituality.  Anyone can choose to accept or reject my writings and experiences as they see fit.

Mind Purpose Truth (PDF)

Mind Purpose Truth is a compilation of excerpts from my book The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings and original blog posts that I posted at www.mindpurposetruth.com, along with a few entries that were never posted.

Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom (PDF)

Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom is a philosophical exploration concerning the ideas of freedom and how they relate to the mind in general and society as a whole.  Although it is written without much direct spiritual language, I consider the ideas of freedom to be a crucial part of the spiritual journey.  In my view, there can be no adequate conception of spirituality without freedom being a foundational part of it.

Shine Like the Sun: A Collection of Children’s Stories (PDF)

Shine Like the Sun: A Collection of Children’s Stories are short stories that I wrote many years ago. They are designed to teach simple truths that are easy for children to understand.

The Author

Adam Soto is a janitor who lives in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  He enjoys a simple life of reading, writing, playing guitar, studying (and practicing) spirituality and philosophy, long walks in nature, and social time with family and friends.

The Blog

The purpose of the blog is to share excerpts from the books I’ve written, as well as quotes and other material I’ve found inspirational in my journey.  I hope you find them inspiring as well.  Also, from time to time, I will share “Questions and Answers” that are the result of interesting questions presented to me through the website or questions I have received in the past (with consent, of course, and with all personal information excluded).  Enjoy.