Hatred and Separation

     So I thought to myself, “What’s the problem here?  Why is there still so much hatred and separation in the world?”

     The problem, I came to realize, is that most religions are all too willing to define the limits of God’s love.  You’re either saved or not saved, righteous or unrighteous, Jew or Gentile, sinner or saint.  But is this really the way God sees things?  Can a being of perfect love ever not love?

     To me, the answer is no.  If it were “yes,” then it wouldn’t be perfect love at all, it would be something else.  And so I thought, “That’s it!  Perfect love!  God’s love is perfect!  It has no limits!”

     Although I already knew this to be true and I had seen the words “perfect love” together many times, I had never thought about it as a spiritual concept before.  It described God more completely than any other way I had come across.  It was clear to me then that this was the “Good News” Jesus was talking about in the Sermon on the Mount.  This was the kind of love that made so much sense to me as a teenager.  This was the kind of love I had experienced from God.

— Excerpted from The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings by Adam Soto (p. 38)


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