“The principle reason why people are not happy is that they get a perverse satisfaction from their sufferings,” said the Master.

     He told how he was once traveling on the upper berth of a train at night.  It was impossible to sleep because from the lower berth came the ceaseless moan of a woman, “Oh, how thirsty I am … God, how thirsty I am … !”

     On and on went the mournful voice.  The Master finally crept down the ladder, walked through the windy corridor of the whole length of the train, filled two large cups with water, brought them back and handed them to the tormented woman.

     “Lady, here.  Water!”

     “God bless you, sir.  Thank you.”

     The Master climbed back into his berth, settled down comfortably and was on the verge of falling into blissful slumber when from below came the lament, “Oh, how thirsty I was … God, How thirsty I was … !”

– Anthony de Mello, One Minute Nonsense