Spontaneous Blog Post 2/25/19 — Gratitude

     Some of you reading this may have heard the phrase “An Attitude of Gratitude” before.  I’m not sure of the history of the phrase, but it’s catchy and important, and it’s on my mind today.

     Try this: as you go through your day today, tomorrow, and so on, take some time to analyze your thoughts and your surroundings.  Observe the people, places, things, and circumstances in your life and try to find something positive to be grateful for.  Pay attention to the little things and big things, in all of your tasks and interactions throughout the day.  Your car started on a cold morning…  you got an unexpected call from an old friend…  you woke up and felt a little less pain in your knee than usual…  you managed to not burn the garlic bread this time… you said something that helped someone’s day go a little better….  Every little thing you feel grateful for will help to add joy to your life—every moment of your life.

     Even not-so-good things that happen throughout the day can be turned into something positive; perhaps a situation can wake something up inside of you that helps you to be more sensitive to an area (or person) in your life that maybe you weren’t very grateful for until now, or a negative situation can help you to appreciate all of the times when things are going well.

     Another benefit of practicing gratitude throughout the day is that when you’re paying attention to the positive things happening in your life, it makes it harder for negative thoughts to dwell in your mind.  With enough practice, your thoughts of gratitude become your attitude.  You will have developed a way to see the good and positive in every thing and person around you, and joy and happiness will fill your thoughts and your days.

     I truly believe that an attitude of gratitude can be a transformative power in each and every one of our lives!