Spiritual Filters

     Eventually, I developed my own system to help decipher what I thought was of God and what wasn’t.  I call these my “spiritual filters.”  These are filters that I apply to any thought or action in daily life, such as, “Would ____ be considered love?” or “Could I consider ____ perfect forgiveness?”  It works on small topics, where something like the Golden Rule (Matthew 5:12) might suffice, or in more complex situations, such as how I might feel about abortion, the death penalty, or war.

     Here’s an example of how it works … First, I need to figure out which filter or filters I’m going to use.  For instance, I might use love, life, peace, and beauty.  (You can add as many as you like.  It’s also helpful to ask if your results would make for a healthy spirituality and a beautiful world.)  Then you just run through the list.

— Excerpted from The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings by Adam Soto (p. 75)


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