Q & A: Picking and Choosing

Question: Do you believe that the Bible has been tampered with?  Is it wrong to “pick and choose” the parts we like and don’t like?

Answer: I don’t know that I look at the Bible as necessarily being tampered with.  Some parts may have been, who knows?  It’s certainly possible.  But mostly I see the Bible as the reflections or thoughts of specific persons or communities, each of which had their own biases, agendas, and understandings of things.  In the end, they were all people just like you and me; some things they may have been right about, others they have been wrong about.

     It’s funny, a common criticism that people put out there is, “You can’t pick and choose what you like and don’t like from the Bible.”  Says who?  I think that’s exactly what a person should do.  Nothing should ever just be accepted as truth.  Everything should be questioned and evaluated.  Some ideas should definitely be discarded as false when enough evidence suggests them to be so.  So that’s all I’m saying about the Bible.  Find what seems to be true and helpful, and as to the rest, if it isn’t helpful, who needs it?

     Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s The Truth as I See It.