Q & A: Self-Loathing

Question: Do you have any recommendations/thoughts about getting self-loathing turned around?  My “intellectual” self knows God doesn’t hate people (me included); rather, I hate myself. That, in turn, my subconscious mind turns into God hating me.  Any suggestions?

Answer: My thoughts would be this: Try to figure out the source of these feelings.  If (and I’m saying if) you feel that God hates you because of something(s) you’ve done, then confess your wrongdoings to God.  That process itself brings peace and tranquility.  Then─and this is also extremely important─you would need to forgive yourself.  Sometimes that’s not easy, but it is necessary.  And the third step in this process would be to accept and acknowledge that as far as you and God are concerned, you now have a clean slate going forward.  Accept God’s love, share your love with God, and believe in and accept the sense of unity that love brings. Foster these feelings and invite God to work in your soul and your life.  But again, only you can find the source of why you think God hates you.

     Secondly, as you also indicated in your question, I don’t believe that God hates anyone, or that it’s even possible for God to hate.  Understanding this fundamental principle of God’s character is essential to having and building a healthy relationship with God.

     Hopefully that helps.  And please know that I’m not judging you in any way.  But there must be a source for these feelings you have, so until you identify this source and try to figure out why you feel this way, only then will it be possible to realistically address these feelings and find a way to peace and understanding.

     Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s The Truth as I See It.