Q & A: Mind Control

Question: In your writings you say that “the mind is the greatest tool at our disposal”:  How does one go about controlling the mind and finding peace?

Answer: I would like to redefine a term that you have probably heard many times before—the term mind control. Mind control is commonly thought of as one person (or group of people) controlling another person’s mind. I would like to redefine it as you being in control of your own mind.

     It works like this: If you notice yourself feeling stressed or depressed about something, hit the pause button. Take a moment to relax. Change the way you are thinking and talking to yourself about whatever it is that’s making you feel this way. Try your best to find a solution to what troubles you. If no solution is immediately found, then continue to seek a solution, but do so with a calm mind. It is much easier to think clearly with a calm mind anyways. Replace stressful or depressing thoughts with peaceful, happy thoughts. It is within your power to do this. Do this as often as is necessary.

     It’s also important to remember that emotions like anxiety, anger, dissatisfaction, and negativity develop from having attachments to preconceived ideas or outcomes. Rather than becoming attached, it would be better to say, “My attitudes, actions, and reactions are the only things I am completely in control of in my life. I will do the best that I can with whatever comes my way.” And then do the best that you can with whatever comes your way.

     When confronted with anxiety, anger, or dissatisfaction, ask yourself, “What am I attached to that is causing me to feel this way? Is it proper for me to be attached to this? Is what I am attached to a realistic possibility? Have I done everything in my power to achieve my goals?” Always evaluate yourself in this way, and adjust your ideas and desires accordingly.

     If negative thoughts come knocking, just don’t answer the door! If they somehow break in and enter, stop them in their tracks and throw them out! This is your mind! You are the one in control!

     Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Practice! Practice! Practice! This is what Mind Control is all about—controlling your own mind!

     Never forget how unbelievably powerful your mind is! You are strong! You can conquer any negative thoughts that come your way! Believe in yourself. Use your mind to create happiness, not turmoil. Your mind can be one giant happiness producing machine if you direct its energy that way. You are the one in control!

     Promise to never allow yourself to be a victim, a helpless bystander, or a hostage to your own thoughts and emotions.

     It’s up to you. Observe your mind and emotions and choose peace, happiness, and positivity.  Practice Mind Control.  If you choose to dwell on negative, stressful thoughts, you have only yourself to blame.

     There must come a time in each of our lives when we decide what it is we truly want from life.  That means asking the tough questions.  Do you want to feel pain and misery?  Or do you want to feel peace and tranquility?    Do you want to feel confused and frustrated, or enlightened and free?  As the Stoics say, we must be in control of our minds.  We can—and must—decide what goes in and what stays out.  For me, I choose to have a clear and peaceful mind, to see myself as a spiritual being connected with God, who wants to grow and evolve and mature along this journey we call life.  I refuse to let negative thoughts drag me away from that goal.  I choose to have a strong, impenetrable mind that no force in the world can penetrate unless I allow it to.  I’m responsible for my life, my thoughts and my actions … I’m the captain of the ship … It’s up to me to decide which direction I’m heading.  I accept no excuses.  I cast no blame.  I follow the advice of Epictetus: “First decide what it is you will be, then do what you have to do.”  I want to be love.  I want to be peace.  I want to be beauty.  I want to be free.  I want to be connected to God and the people and world around me.  These are powers that each of us have, given to us by God.  Use them to the best of your ability.  Refuse to let anything keep you from your goals.  Be as free as you can be.  And feel the peace and love of God.

     Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s The Truth as I See It.