The Power of Words

     Rarely was the Master so eloquent as when he warned against the bewitching power of words:

     “Beware of the words,” he said, “the moment you look away they will take on a life of their own; they will dazzle, mesmerize, terrorize―lead you astray from the reality they represent―lead you to believe they are real.

     “The world you see is not the Kingdom seen by children but a fragmented world, broken into a thousand pieces by the word … It is as if each ocean wave were seen to be distinct and separate from the body of the ocean.

     “When words and thoughts are silenced the Universe blossoms forth―real and whole and one―and words become what they were always meant to be: the score, not the music; the menu, not the food; the signpost, not journey’s end.”

– Anthony de Mello, One Minute Nonsense