Q & A: More Positive Thinking

Question:  Another question on the power of positive thinking … Are there ever times when it’s okay to have negative thoughts?

Answer: Any negative thoughts or emotions that we experience indicates a misunderstanding of reality.

     Never forget that as your true essence you are a spiritual being.  Life on this human journey consists of a series of lessons meant to help us grow and evolve as spiritual beings.

     For instance, the negative emotions we commonly associate with death (mortality) are misdirected; mortality is a lesson designed to help us understand immortality.  How can one truly understand immortality without mortality?

     Death is a natural part of this temporal, physical world we live in.  But when one remembers the immortality of the soul, and that our journey through the material world is but a temporary educational training course, death loses its sting. To see it negatively indicates a misunderstanding of reality.

     The same can be said about other negative emotions.  Someone treats you badly … understand that they have yet to fully comprehend (spiritual) reality, and use the opportunity to practice your own spirituality.  The same with disease and other misfortunes.

     Always try to find a positive, spiritual outlook to everything that happens, and use these opportunities as building blocks for spiritual growth.

     Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that  The Truth as I See It.