A Perfectly Functioning Universe

From There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne W. Dyer

     “I heard a story once that just seemed to make sense to me.  From that moment on I have replace all my doubts with faith.  At one time I seriously questioned the existence of God and a spiritual solution to problems.  I was more of an agnostic, pragmatic kind of person, who felt that if I couldn’t see it, touch it, feel it, or smell it, then it didn’t apply.  This story seemed to clear it all up for me.  It was a simple story highlighting the absurdity of a perfectly functioning universe without an underlying intelligence.

     “In this story you are asked to imagine what it would look like to see a junkyard filled with millions of pieces of random junk: wires strewn about, bits of metal, tires, cushions, electrical machinery, screws and bolts, glass, toilet seats, and everything else you can imagine, lying about haphazardly.  Suddenly a gigantic wind blows through this messy junkyard and the pieces of junk are thrown up into the air, colliding with each other, flying and crashing here and there.  Just as suddenly the wind subsides, and there in the junkyard where millions of pieces of trash had been, is a jumbo jet, a Boeing 747, all ready to fly.  By happenstance, luck, a weird coincidence, all the parts were pieced together to make a perfect jet aircraft out of several million pieces of debris.  From random rubbish to precise perfection by accident.

     “As I contemplated the absurdity I thought about how I once proclaimed such an explanation for the universe, with its zillions upon zillions of component parts all arriving and interacting with each other in perfect symmetry.  All just working out coincidentally, by sheer chance and happenstance.  I revised my viewpoint to accommodate a newly arrived at sense that there has to be a creative energy at work here.

     “This is an intelligent system that we are all a part of.  There is a force, a power, a consciousness that created and supports this system.  That force is omnipresent and therefore it is in you.  Your body is a part of this system and is also a system of perfectly coordinated parts itself.  While it may appear random and unintelligent, it is the height of arrogance and naïveté to assume it is accidental.  It is just as unlikely for the wind to accidentally blow together several million pieces of debris and create a 747 jumbo jet, as it is for a force to accidentally arrange this intelligent system that we are all a part of which has billions of moving parts.  That simple little story opened me to knowing that there is an intelligence called by many names, but essentially comprised of cooperation, harmony, peace, flow, or love that is the source of all.”