What We I-dentify With

     So what do you identify with?  It’s time to question everything!  For many of us, we identify with our ego, a certain element of the mind that always wants more for itself—more attention, more possessions, more control over others … more, more, more, more, more; and it doesn’t usually care who it hurts in the process as long as it gets what it wants.

     Otherwise known as selfishness, this desire for more separates and alienates us from the people and world around us.  Once we’ve acquired what we want, it becomes a possession.  And from there it becomes an attachment.  We no longer believe that we can be happy without whatever it is that we’re attached to.  It has become part of our identity.  When our ego, desires, and attachments become part of our identity, it becomes part of the “I,” the individual.  They have become extensions of our very selves.

     If anything were to happen to that which we I-dentify with, we feel threatened, insecure, depressed, hurt, devastated… The more we I-dentify with, the greater the chance of our being hurt, disappointed, and unhappy.

     The key, then, is to identify with things which bring you happiness, security, peace, love, and harmony with the people and world around you (in other words, positive energy), and to dis-I-dentify with anything that causes negative energy.

— Excerpted from The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings by Adam Soto (p. 13-14)

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