Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom

From the back cover


     We want to believe that the world is essentially good, that evil forces don’t exist, and if they do, that they’re not that evil.

     In reality, there are ruthless, evil people in the world―many of them.  They will kill you, control you, manipulate you, and use you―without a second thought.  This, then, needs to become one of the foundational truths with which your life is based upon.  Without it, you will forever misunderstand the world you live in.

     You must also understand this: not only are there ruthless people in the world, some of them are extremely intelligent.  These are the one who really run the world.  Bankers, corporate owners, politicians―they’re all playing a game that you’re not privy to.

     What it comes down to is that the majority of mankind never asks themselves the tough questions in life.  They accept what they’re told, never thinking about much of anything for themselves.  They fail to develop the most powerful tool at their disposal―their mind.

     This is the first thing that separates Them and Us―they have awakened their minds.  They study themselves and the world around them.  They exercise their minds and try to understand how nature and the world around them works.  Bt most importantly, they understand how we as human beings work―what makes us tick.

     So the question is, how much of your mind do you want to give Them?  That’s important to understand … They’re not taking it, we’re giving it!

     Every day we have a choice―will we be free, or will we be what They want us to be?

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto