Tools for the Journey

     On the journey for truth there are certain tools which you must carry with you at all times.  The most important of them all is the tool of questioning.

     The question is the gateway to nearly all understanding and awareness.  The question can be a key that unlocks doors to new ideas or a knife that cuts away faulty thinking.  It can bring joy and pain, respectively; joy if you are free enough to accept new truths, pain if you resist or are not ready for what these new truths will mean for your life and how you now must live if you want to live in truth.

     The path of questioning and philosophical awakening is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage, determination, and perseverance.  But once truth is accepted, experienced, and embraced, nothing can bring more joy, peace, or freedom.

     So the question is, Are you free?

     Be 100% honest with yourself.  Self-honesty is another essential tool that must always be present in your quest for truth―you must always be honest with yourself.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto