Fundamental Truth

     The world we live in is run by power junkies who will do anything to gain and keep their wealth and power.  People of moral integrity will never do what these people are willing to do, and therefore, will never be on top.

     Until you accept this as a fundamental truth, you will forever misunderstand the world you live in.  And until the majority of people in the world understand this, we will continue to be dominated by these people.  If people continue to live in ignorance to the ploys and schemes perpetrated against them on a daily basis, nothing will change, but if people were to wake up and stand together, the people in power simply could not dominate millions of people who refuse to be dominated.

     Like I said, don’t just take my word for it.  At the same time, another important practice in the quest for truth is to form a habit of not brushing things off without investigating them.  Everything deserves investigation.

     The ruthless kind of people that I’m talking about are the ones who really run the world; international world bank owners, corporate owners, billionaires and soon-to-be-trillionaires who have the power and influence to control nations, governments, and politicians.  They do not want you to be free, but rather want to control every aspect of your life.  (When I say “they,” I’m not including every single ultra rich person in the world; there may be some who are less evil than others or who inherited their wealth.  I’m just generalizing for simplicity’s sake.)

     Below the ultra rich are the government leaders and “representatives” who have figured out that they would rather be “takers” than “makers,” who are also addicted to the power of being able to take people’s money and run their lives, who have the power to make laws that you and I must now obey.

     Below them are people in non-profit/for profit organizations, religious organizations―any kind of organization that you can think of that doesn’t have the power that government has to force you to give them money and follow their rules, but can convince you to do so voluntarily.  I’m not necessarily saying that all of these organizations are bad or immoral, but all of them do run the risk of creating agendas simply to promote their own continued growth and existence, and therefore, it is in their interest to possibly manipulate their followers/donors emotionally and psychologically to ensure that they continue to support the organization financially.

     In the case of churches, for example, it would be like a church saying that there is only one way to God (and it just happens to be through them), and if you don’t support them and believe exactly what they believe, God will be mad at you and you will spend eternity in hell.  (Sound familiar?)

     Below them are people of influence; entertainers, athletes, specialists, gurus, and so forth, who may make alliances with certain corporations or ultra rich people, and therefore, do and say things with the agenda of promoting themselves or a cause or benefactor that they support, and whose intention is to sway people one way or another, and who may or may not have moral or noble goals.

     Influencing us at various points in our lives are educational schools and programs, ranging from preschool all the way to the end of college.  Considering how much influence government has in these areas, the potential for brainwashing and manipulation should clearly be a concern, especially when we consider what education must be like in countries where state propaganda is a way of life.  What about the country you live in?  What are the agendas of those who control your education system?

     And finally below them we have the family unit.  Now I’m certainly not saying that all family influence is bad; I’m sure most of it is quite well intentioned, but nonetheless, nothing that a family member says should be taken as truth just because you’re related to them.  Everything should be questioned and investigated.

     So now that I’ve covered that, hopefully you have a better idea of what I mean when I say that part of the journey for truth and freedom is to free ourselves from any outside control or influences that may exist and to question everything for ourselves.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto