Step Number 1: Understand Reality

     I’m not going to get into a metaphysical discussion about the nature of the universe (though that is, of course, part of the equation); I’ll leave that up to you.  The purpose of this book is to focus on freedom from external forces and identifying yourself as a free person.

     As I stated earlier, there are forces in the world that are working against you, trying to use you to help Them achieve their goals.  You’re not alone.  Ninety-nine percent of the world is being used this way.  That’s reality.  The question is, what’s the cause of this?  Let’s examine a few possibilities:

  1. People are weak
  2. People are lazy
  3. People are ignorant
  4. People are afraid
  5. People are comfortable
  6. People are consumed by lust and desire
  7. People have given up hope that it will ever change
  8. People are in denial
  9. People are benefiting enough from the few perks (crumbs) thrown their way to want to change anything
  10. There’s not enough people who understand what’s going on to make any real impact on world affairs
  11. Threats of violence keep them immobilized (I guess that’s the same as fear)
  12. Most people aren’t as ruthless or violent as those in power, and don’t want to become so to defeat them

     So of course, it’s all, many, or various combinations of the above mentioned possibilities that contribute to the current state of the world (and even more possibilities that I may not have noted).  As I already mentioned, we must first work on changing these things within us before we can possibly hope to change any external forces that impede our freedom.  We must become educated, strong, diligent, fearless, and discontent with the status quo.  This will take hard work and sacrifice, as any worthwhile cause usually does.  Hard work in that it takes a lot of time and energy to educate yourself and conquer your faults and fears; sacrifice in that you’ll have to give up some of your easy, convenient, comfortable ways of life to fight back against those forces that are trying to keep you down.

     Which brings us to the next step: In order to fight back, we must understand what we’re fighting against.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto