Money and Power

          Question: Have you ever wondered why so many countries in the world are being flooded with immigrants?  Even in the United States, it’s completely unexplainable why the government would let this happen.  It doesn’t benefit your average American taxpayer in the least; in fact, in many ways, it hurts them, contributing to wage depreciation and more unemployment for American workers.  And for the immigrants who don’t work and suck off of the government teat for their every want and need, it means a higher taxpayer burden for those who do work.

     Answer: it gets more people into the consumer→debt system.  It’s all about money.

     Sure, some immigrants are used by corporations for cheap labor, or politicians may pander to them to get more votes, and some may even get a job and pay taxes, but these are merely side effects—fringe benefits of the initial motivations—generating more wealth distribution and government debt.

     I just mentioned the consumer→debt system; corporations are another tool used by the banks to put people in debt.  The more goods, gadgets, and trinkets we buy, the less money we’ll have to pay off loans and the more we’ll need to borrow.  It’s all dollars and cents, and they know every angle.

     What about “free” college education—that’s good, right?  Wrong!  Think about it—what’s better, a system where a set number of people pay college loans for a fixed amount of time, or one where everyone pays for their entire working lives (and maybe even into retirement) through their taxes?  It’s crazy!  Add to that the decreased spending power that results from increased taxation and it’s another win for the banks.  (It’s a scam, people!  Don’t be bamboozled!)

     “Free” universal health care is the same way.  As it is now, if the average person lives healthy and exercises they should only have to pay a small amount of health care costs for most of their lives.  But They want us to pay for other people’s unhealthy lifestyles.  Not only that, they also want us to pay for those who aren’t paying at all (and probably never will) and who never put in the hard work and effort to get a quality job that offers health care benefits.  It’s all a money making scheme to redistribute your money so that They (the health care companies) don’t have to eat the cost themselves.

     It’s all about power, money, and debt.  Dependency on government = debt.  Socialism = debt.  War = debt.  Health care = debt.  College = debt.  Consumerism = debt.

     Another issue that’s been in the media a lot lately is “man-made global warming.”  Would it surprise you to find out that it’s all a fabrication, a strategy by certain world governments, banks, and corporations to get better or total control of the energy market—on a global scale?  (And of course, impose more taxes, regulations, and fees.)

     Not only that, it’s now becoming apparent that They want to use the ideas of “man-made global warming” and “sustainability” to reshape everything about the way we live, telling us which foods are “sustainable” (They want to grow our “meat” in labs, and it won’t be “meat”), what kinds of cars we can drive (if cars will even be deemed “sustainable,” who knows?), what kinds of energy we can use, and how much of it (“smart” meters on every house and thermostat; there are numerous ways that They can exploit that to their advantage) … all so that They can control every single aspect of our lives, right down to the smallest daily activities.

     Who knows how many freedoms (or people) will need to be sacrificed in the name of “sustainability” by the time They are through?  (They believe that “population growth” is also “unsustainable,” and that we already have too many people.  See: The Georgia Guidestones for more information.)

     More and more respectable sources and publications are calling “man-made global warming” the greatest hoax of the 21st century, and are backing it up with proof, but are having an increasingly hard time getting their voices heard in the corporately owned media who bombard us daily with propaganda and misinformation.

     This is the reality of the world we live in.  Everything They do, they do for Them.  The bankers, corporations, and politicians … They’re in it for themselves.  It’s all a game to Them—and They’re winning.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto