Very Different Reactions

     I literally blew someone’s mind today!  I know we hear that phrase a lot, but this was the first time that I ever really saw someone’s mind blown.  This man had a very shocked, unsettled look on his face and his mouth was hanging open.  The guy is twice my age, but on multiple occasions now I’ve turned his world completely upside down.

     This occasion was in reference to an article about a group of NYC Fire Commissioners calling for a reopening of the 9/11 World Trade Center investigation, citing “overwhelming evidence” that the towers were brought down by “controlled demolitions,” not fire and jet impact.  My friend had never heard anyone question the official government version of 9/11, and as I proceeded to provide more details about alternative views of how the towers fell, he was literally beside himself.

     I think what made it harder for him is that I had already gained credibility in his eyes a few months prior when I convinced him (with plentiful evidence) of the “man made climate change” hoax.  That was also a shock to him.  Add to that the new information I presented to him about 9/11 and the look I saw on his face was of someone who had just come to the realization that much of what they think they know in life is a lie, that there really is a group of people sadistic enough to kill thousands of people (and deceive billions more) for their own personal gain.  Unfortunately, I had to leave at that point, but it will be interesting to see if he has anything else to say about it when we meet next week.  (I won’t bring it up to him; I’ll wait to see if he brings it up again.)

     Oh, and I almost forgot; when I emailed him the article about the NYC Fire Commissioners, he said, “I didn’t see this in the news!”  Ain’t that the truth!

     A couple of hours later I had the same conversation with another person.  I presented it the same exact way and got a completely different reaction.  This man was in complete denial.  He said (and I quote), “I simply cannot believe that!  I don’t want to believe that my government would kill thousands of innocent people for personal gain!”

     I tried to explain a little more, but he shut me down.  The conversation was over.  Apparently he would rather live in denial, believing that those in power are good, kind-hearted people, incapable of anything so heinous.  I guess that makes him feel better.

     Two different people―same subject, same presentation―two very different reactions.

     For me, personally, I don’t care how much it hurts; I want to know the cold, hard truth!

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto