More Than Anything Else: Deciding What You Want the Most in Life

     Recently, I wrote a book entitled, More Than Anything Else: Deciding What You Want the Most in Life, which can be found in the Books section of this website and can be read or downloaded for free at any time.

     As I’ve done with my other original writings, I am going to post sections of the book through my blog to share with people every few days.  I am going to limit this to just the Quotes section at the end of the book, but you can feel free to read the entire book at your leisure.  (It’s a fairly short book.)

     Here is what is written on the back cover of the book:

When we are young, we are taught many things.  Some of the things that we are taught are good and helpful like reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We are given lessons in classical literature and history.  We are taught the basics of science and economics.  But one thing that hardly anyone teaches us about is ourselves.  Most of us grow up without the slightest understanding of our own mind and thought processes―and the power that we have over them.

Why is that?  If there is one thing in this world that should be essential for each of us to know, shouldn’t it be our own mind and how it functions?

One of the problems in life is that from a very young age we are taught by the examples of others that it is okay to indulge in anger, self-pity, anxiety, and negative thinking―that it is, in fact, normal to do so!  That it’s a part of what it means to be human!  But nothing could be further from the truth!  That’s not the way that a human life needs to be at all!  By practicing a philosophy of happiness, a person can escape from these kinds of self-defeating ways of thinking and mature into a happy, positive, and fulfilled person.

So what do you want the most in life?  What are your goals?  Why wait any longer to live a life of constant happiness?  Be happy now!

Be happy always!

Thank you for your interest!

―Adam Soto