A Path to Happiness

A Path to Happiness

–     Understanding your mind, your thoughts, and your will is essential in understanding yourself

–     You are responsible for yourself.  It is up to you and no one else what you think and how you feel at any given moment

–     Know and understand that you have the power to experience and maintain joyful and peaceful thoughts all the time

–     Observe your mind and thought processes

–     Understand your mind and thought processes

–     Decide what you want and why

–     Decide a number of goals that you want more than anything else

–     Set realistic goals in regards to your mental/emotional/spiritual self and work towards realizing those goals

–     Incorporate your goals into a philosophy and practice it, using constant observation to filter everything in daily life (thoughts, emotions, experiences) through your philosophy and tools

–     Learn the tool of “I want (place goal here) more than anything else”

–     Find methods and techniques to help keep your mind clear, beautiful, and on track towards realizing your goals

–    Take time to evaluate your progress, understanding that a seed doesn’t grow into a flower overnight, but remain open to the reality that there are times when certain goals and mind frames can materialize and solidify rapidly or even instantly, like the flick of a switch

–    Take life one moment at a time, one thought at a time.  You, and you alone, are responsible for the thoughts that occupy your mind at any given moment

–     Continue to observe yourself, improve yourself, and practice your philosophy

–     Share what you have learned with others

‒ Excerpted from More Than Anything Else: Deciding What You Want the Most in Life by Adam Soto

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