To Follow the Spirit

     And so I began a journey in search of experiences similar to my own; not for validation, but for accounts of those who could say what they experienced better than I could.  What I knew to be true was hard to express in words.  Words couldn’t capture what I had experienced with God that special, beautiful day and the many days since, and I now know that they never will.  Words are imperfect, but they’re the best tools available to us to try to share what we feel.

     The path I followed was random, but it was also more than that.  At times it felt as if I were being guided by the Spirit of God.  I was drawn to writers who were free-thinkers, who told it how it was regardless of what anyone else thought of them.  Coming from a family of free-thinkers, I’ve never been afraid to form my own conclusions on things.  To follow the spirit within is not a sin in my eyes; that’s the part of us that’s most connected with God.  Where else would one look to find the truth … to be unified with God?

— Excerpted from The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings by Adam Soto (p. 36)


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