Many Other Beautiful Horizons

     I was happy to learn that there were many people who had experiences similar to my own.  Although I didn’t agree with everything I read, I always tried my best to keep an open mind and learn as much as I could.  Slowly, over time, I began to see that what I had experienced with God had been experienced countless times throughout history.  People, I learned, had been trying to describe what they felt to be true for thousands of years, and I was shocked to see how similar even some of the oldest accounts were to my own.

     Growing up as a Christian, I was even more surprised to see how rich other faiths were in their descriptions.  I had always been taught that Jesus was the “only way” to God.  Without the testimony of Jesus, it’s quite possible that I never would have come to know God myself, and for that I am eternally grateful, but I’m just as grateful to God for showing me the many other beautiful horizons.  It wasn’t easy letting go of some of my dogmatic beliefs, but I put my faith in God.  I stepped into the river of spirit and trusted where it was going.

     My experience of God was one thing; I understood it, but I still could not articulate it.  I knew I was getting closer.  After all, every river eventually leads to an ocean.

— Excerpted from The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings by Adam Soto (p. 37)


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