To Perpetuate and Maintain

     According to [Anthony] deMello, people suffer because of their beliefs—or rather, their distorted perceptions of reality.  But where do these beliefs come from?  How did we get this way?

     Most of these beliefs are handed down from generation to generation, through culture, society, and religion.  Most exist simply to perpetuate and maintain some sort of established control system, either political, philosophical, or religious.  Throughout history, once an organization or group of people establishes some form of domination over large groups of people, the only way to maintain that power is through control systems.  The most important element in controlling masses of people is to control their minds, for from the mind comes all action and behavior.  This isn’t the making of a conspiracy theory—on the contrary, it’s Psychology 101—and History 101, for that matter.

— Excerpted from The Truth as I See It: A Collection of Spiritual Writings by Adam Soto (p. 8)


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