To Whom Does the Gift Belong?

     “There is a story concerning the Buddha, who is in the company of a fellow traveler who tests this great teacher with derogatory, insulting, disparaging, and bitter responses to anything the Buddha says.  Every day, for three days when the Buddha spoke, the traveler responded by calling him a fool, and ridiculing the Buddha in some arrogant fashion.  Finally, at the end of the third day, the traveler could stand it no more.  He asked, ‘How is it that you are able to be so loving and kind when all I’ve done for the past three days is dishonor and offend you?  Each time I am disobliging to you, you respond in a loving manner.  How is this possible?’

    “The Buddha responded with a question of his own for the traveler.  ‘If someone offers you a gift, and you do not accept that gift, to whom does the gift belong?’  His question provided the traveler with a new insight.”

Source: There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne W. Dyer