Ruling Class

     Understand this: anyone involved in government automatically believes that there should be a “ruling class” of people called “congressmen” and “senators” whose primary job is to make rules for everyone else to follow (because if they didn’t believe that, they wouldn’t be there).  They are not concerned with your freedom.

     Anyone who believes that they have the right to rule you should always be viewed with suspicion.  They are already starting from a place whose roots are based not in freedom for each person to rule themselves, but government ruling over them.  If they already don’t believe in self-rule, who knows what their real motives are or how far they will go to satisfy their own desires and ambitions?[1]

     I realize that it isn’t every day that you hear someone questioning the morality and legitimacy of government, and it may be a little uncomfortable to do so at first, but remember, we said that we were going to question everything, so why not question government?  This is a completely valid question.  With enough questioning, perhaps people can find even better ways to construct society, just as people all throughout history have done.  We should never stop looking for ways to improve how we live together as societies.

     Again, to see the world you live in clearly, you must take into consideration the very real possibility that the people in power, the government officials, and the ultra rich people who get them elected and pay them off to shape the laws in their favor have an actual agenda of things that they want to happen.  Never underestimate the possibility that they could very well have intentions that are designed not only to benefit themselves, but are also designed intentionally to take away your freedoms and to control your mind and actions.

     For those willing to investigate this, they will find that there is a great amount of evidence that this is exactly the case, and that these people truly seek world domination and will do whatever it takes to achieve these goals.

     Like I said before, do your own investigations and decide for yourself.  I, for one, am completely convinced of the immoral and dictatorial intentions of those in power, and I believe that if current trends continue, they will ultimately achieve their goals.

     Unfortunately, the people of the world just aren’t paying much attention to what’s happening.  The people in power are using and have been using all kinds of psychological manipulation to draw us away from being as free as we can be and to control our hearts, minds, and actions.  (I’ll talk more about this later.)  These people study psychology and human behavior and use ever trick known to man (while developing new devices) to bend us to their will.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto