A Secular Religion

     Politics has become its own kind of secular religion.  Political leaders are seen by many as saviors who will fix all of the world’s problems and will legislate peace and prosperity to all who follow.  Each party has a set of beliefs that must be followed or you become outcast.

     In the religion of politics, anyone who is not part of your party is to be hated, and if possible, their voices and freedoms eliminated through voting.

     In reality, it’s all a big show designed to perpetuate the illusion that we are “free people” who use our “freedom” to “vote” and “elect” our true “representatives.”  No free and educated person should ever fall for this, yet most do, and those who try to expose this charade for what it is are labeled “conspiracy theorists,” “traitors,” or “enemies of democracy.”

     Yes, unless people wake up―and wake up soon―the people in power will use technology to make it very, very difficult to ever resist them again (through government surveillance and the police state).

     Don’t get me wrong, I love the benefits of technology as much as the next person, but ultimately, our technological advances (namely, any technology that can or will give the people in power the ability to control and monitor us) will be the eventual instruments of our enslavement (enslaving us even more than they already do, that is.)

     That’s why people need to be as free as they can be.  We cannot continue to rely so much on letting other people do our thinking for us.  We cannot leave it to corporate leaders and politicians to figure out and solve everything for us instead of figuring out and solving things for ourselves.

     Everything―everything―begins in the mind.  We must actively investigate and educate ourselves and our children and encourage all people everywhere to think for themselves and not just swallow everything that government, religion, and society feeds them. 

     The future freedom of the world depends on discarding all of the things that bind us.  To progress as human beings and feel happy and fulfilled, we must be as free as we can be, spiritually, materially, philosophically, economically, and in any and every way that we can think of.

     When the ideals of freedom inform every aspect of our existence, life itself―the journey, the experiences, our relationships―are filled with joy … beautiful, abundant joy, and we can continue to grow and evolve and become all that we are capable of being.

     I will now present you with numerous quotes on the topics of freedom and government.  These are intended to help open your eyes and mind to the reality that very rich and powerful people really do “conspire” to gain power and control and to take away your rights and freedoms.

     What is presented here is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hopefully it will ignite in you a desire to continue to investigate more on your own, because ultimately, how much truth you know us entirely up to you.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto