It’s Not an Accomplishment

     Here’s a topic that really shouldn’t even be a topic: the race/gender issue.  I think that it’s important that we don’t go around being “proud” that we’re white or straight or female or right handed, or whatever.  They aren’t accomplishments … we were born like this. There is nothing to be proud of or ashamed of.  But if I were to go around and “insist” that others view or identify me in a certain way, then I’m off track because how each person views things is up to them as individuals, and I have no right to force another person to feel or believe what I believe.  But that’s what’s happening in many ways these days.  I just think that too many people are too wrapped up in labels and wanting recognition for things that aren’t even accomplishments, and then using these labels to divide and “conquer” those around them.

     It shows how much people identify with things that eventually help to define them, and that these identifications can sometimes (or oftentimes) become attachments that eventually act as mental constraints in their relations to those around them.  People identify as addict, hurt, marginalized, superior, inferior, victim, and so on, along with their identifications and attachments with religion, race, political affiliations, or nationality.

     For those who feel a political or cultural divide between themselves and others, who put the political and cultural divide between them?  They, themselves, did (or their society)!  In their own minds, they identify as politically and culturally divided.

     What would happen if, in their own minds, they were to break free of these mental constraints and pre-judgments (prejudices) and see the world in another way?  That’s really what the majority of the division in the world comes down to.  And until the world unlearns this kind of thinking and learns how to see without self-constraining attachments and identifications, the world will continue to be so much less than its true potential.

Market Crash

     Every time the stock market/economy crashes, the world’s wealthiest people/corporations lose some money (in our most recent crash, fake, printed-out-of-thin-air inflated money) but eventually acquire physical assets through asset purchases, company takeovers (both/either physically or through stock purchases), and increased market dominance (less competition/bankrupt businesses).  This trade-off will pay more in the long run through greater monopolization and centralization of powers and the fact that they now own physical companies rather than paper money alone, which loses its overall value over time through inflation.  Add to that the fact that a crashed world economy weakens the independence of most/all countries through the forced emergency spending/borrowing of money/resources and it again increases the likelihood of manipulating/exploiting these countries for personal gain.

     I think that is the main reason the markets seem to crash every 10-12 years to varying degrees; it’s simply a way for the wealthiest people and corporations to eliminate their weaker adversaries, both corporations and nations, and add to their own wealth.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto