I heard in the news recently that the President wants to give each tax-paying American $1,200 to help “stimulate the economy” during the coronavirus outbreak.  What isn’t stated is that this is basically just another bail-out for the banks/corporations.  The government gets more in debt (to the banks) by borrowing money to give to us, and in turn, we will use that money to buy things (which helps the corporations) or pay debts (which helps the banks, as they weren’t certain that they were going to get those debt payments while many things are shut down and many people aren’t working).  We, the people, are just middlemen for the corporations/banks to get more money from the government―a round-about-bail-out!

     So when you hear the words “stimulate the economy,” economy = banks/corporationsStimulus = giving tax-payer money to banks/corporations.


Government as Savior

     More and more, people are starting to view government as their “savior,” especially with the coronavirus outbreak.  But even before the outbreak, people are becoming increasingly less religious/spiritual and more political, basically replacing their faith in God with a new faith in government.  People now defend their political beliefs as ferociously as people of the past used to defend their religious convictions.  Liberalism and Conservatism are the new religions in our modern world today, and government is god.  Rather than being suspicious of government, as the people who founded this country were (and continued to be for many generations), people now look to the government as their savior, blind to the many hypocrisies of their party, while both parties slowly erode our individual freedoms while we aren’t paying attention and we fight against each other.  When will people learn that the vast majority of politicians are only in it for themselves and that they don’t have our best interests at heart?

     As I read somewhere before, most politicians are interested in two things: 1.) How to get elected.  2.) How to get re-elected.  They will say and do anything they can to achieve those goals.  And the bigger politicians can’t even get elected without some form of corporate/banking money financing them, so they are simply puppets for the world’s wealthiest people.

     No, government won’t save us.  We need to save ourselves from government!  Man-o-man have we ever got it backwards!  Yes, the banks/corporations control the politicians, but the politicians are the ones who write/shape the laws, so it is Them we should hold accountable, and Them we need to save/free ourselves from.

     Come on, people!  Wake up!


Emergency Legislation

     Know this―any time the government introduces some sort of emergency legislation, they will use it as a power grab, each and every time.  Sure, the legislation may help some people, but hidden within will be extra legislation designed to help Them, the people in power (and their corporate overlords), and Them alone, at the cost of the taxpayers, and with a loss of personal freedom for the common people.  They’ve done it countless times before, and they’ll continue to do it, no matter which party is in power, and no matter who introduces the legislation; Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter.  They both have the same overlords, and they both want to maintain their power.  So don’t fall for these tricks.  If emergencies don’t happen on their own, They will invent some (false flag events) and use any opportunity to add to their own wealth and power. This history has repeated itself often enough.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto