Pharmaceutical Lobbying

     I recently read that the pharmaceutical industry has had the crown as the largest lobbyists to the government for years, doubling their next closest rival, oil.  When we consider that “lobbying” is basically just another word for “bribing,” and that bribes are usually only needed to cover up corruption or illegal activities, what illegal activities are the pharmaceutical companies involved in that they need to lobby twice as much as their nearest competitor?

     If you’re willing to investigate, you’ll find that the pharmaceutical companies and the products they produce inure and kill way more people than the mainstream media ever reports.  You’ll also find that they own considerable stock in all of the mainstream media companies and have considerable influence on what information is reported about them and their products.

     Think about that the next time government and the media are pushing some sort of drug or “mandatory” vaccine on you or your family, “for the good of society…”


The Blood of our Forefathers

     We’re heading down the wrong path as a country.  Our forefathers fought so hard, they bled and labored to make this country the best that’s ever been known in the history of man.  They didn’t do it by giving everyone a free lunch, cowering in fear of freedom of expression, or telling those around them how to live their lives.  They intentionally made a government that was meant to be small and limited.  The idea was to make a system where the government could never get too big, too powerful, or too controlling.

     This country was built on strong, hard working, freedom-respecting people.  (In most cases, that is … slavery, the treatment of Native Americans, women’s rights … I admit it took a while for society to catch up with some of the ideas in The Declaration of Independence).  We may be more tolerant and progressive in some ways today (though maybe that’s starting to go the other way), but I dare say we’re not more free. Our taxes are higher than ever before, government is bigger and more intrusive than ever before, and religious tolerance and the right to freedom of speech are at an all-time low.

     Independence is what our country was founded on; how independent are most people today? (It can be argued, convincingly, I believe, that we’re more dependent on the government now than we’ve ever been in our nation’s history.)

     What I can’t stand is a person or group of people (government or otherwise) who feel that they have the right to tell other people what to do, how to live their lives, how to spend their money, how to use their property, what food they can eat, what they can drink, and so on.  Equally as bad is when people use the government to do it for them!

     I’m just trying to point out what I see as a major problem in our society and that is people having no problem with using the government to force people to do things according to their own, self-interested agenda.  That’s not freedom!  America was built on a “live and let live” philosophy, with respect for individual freedom.  Look at us now!  What happened?  What are we doing here?

     As my one friend always says, we get the government we deserve.  Ain’t that the truth!

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto