It Starts At Home and At School

     Here is the biggest difference between Them and Us: They are always calculating, always planning, dreaming up new ways to control and dominate those around them.  Freedom lovers, on the other hand, aren’t overly concerned with what other people are doing and just go about living their lives, letting each person do as they please.

     The problem is that freedom minded people need to at least start paying attention to how they can secure and defend their freedoms from those who wish to take them.  The war for our minds is a constant battle, and it begins at a very young age.

     Look what They are doing to our kids in schools all across the world, filling their minds with all kinds of programming and propaganda.  We give our children to government run schools eight hours a day, nine months of the year, and by the time they graduate they are lucky if they have even one original thought that isn’t contaminated with carefully crafted propaganda designed to make them slaves.  Add college into the mix and it is extremely difficult to undo 16-18 years of non-stop mind control.

     We either need to take our kids out of school and teach them at home, or fight the school board, fight the government, so that our kids aren’t taught lies and perversions from the age of 5 and for the rest of their lives.

     The battle for our minds starts at home and at school, and it never ends.  We must defend ourselves and our children before it’s too late.  Don’t let them control our children’s minds any longer.

Excerpted from Them and Us: A Philosophy of Freedom by Adam Soto